What is erectile dysfunction treatment?

Erectile dysfunction treatment aims to assist individuals in achieving or maintaining a firm erection suitable for sexual intercourse. It's important to note that these treatments only function when sexual arousal is present and cannot address low sex drive or premature ejaculation.

Most erectile dysfunction treatments operate in a similar manner by facilitating blood flow to the penis when aroused, thereby aiding in the attainment and sustenance of an erection.

Various types of oral tablets are available for erectile dysfunction, all belonging to a group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 inhibitors function by relaxing blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation to the penis, and facilitating erection.

While these medications share the common trait of being PDE5 inhibitors, each tablet contains a distinct active ingredient, resulting in subtle differences in their effectiveness. Therefore, it may be necessary to try different pills to determine the most suitable option for an individual.

There are four primary types of erectile dysfunction tablets:

  1. Sildenafil (found in Viagra, Viagra Connect, and generic Sildenafil): This is the preferred choice of the NHS and is widely popular. It typically takes effect within approximately 30 minutes of consumption and remains effective for 4-6 hours.

  2. Tadalafil (found in Cialis, Cialis Daily, and generic Tadalafil): Commonly referred to as the "weekend pill," tadalafil medications begin working in around 30 minutes and can last for up to 36 hours.

  3. Vardenafil (found in Levitra and generic Vardenafil): Similar to Viagra, vardenafil medications generally take effect within 30 minutes and maintain efficacy for 4-6 hours. They may be particularly suitable for men with eye problems.

  4. Avanafil (found in Spedra): This medication is known for its rapid action, with effects starting as quickly as 15 minutes after ingestion.

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